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Vintique provides awesome vintage filters and powerful image editing tools.

Edit your photos with Vintique and boast them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

▷ 16 Basic Filters

- antique, vintage chic, classic, charcoal, russet, tranquil, snowy, violet, sundown

- warmish, graceful, moonlight, lighten, browny, greyscale, foggy grey

▷ 33 Standard Filters

- turquoise, amethyst, old times, warm day, fresh mid, delight, delight II, watercolors

- pinky day, drowsy, drowsy II, vintage, yesterday, the day, heaven

- happy time, someday, sweet dream, phantasm

- dim past, tenebrific, gloomy, reminiscent, remember, mind map

- canvas, letters, chic, pure, fading, blue ink, memories, dark mood

▷ 23 Extra Filters

- ash grey, chocolate, dark sepia, a day, sun shine, dear

- yellow retro, rainbow, rainbow II, sunburst, laid back

- dreamlike, pleasant, vague, vivid, pure sky, pinky ray

- green field, ash blue, calm, cool day, fine day, red wine

▷ 20 Soft Filters

- H1, H2, H3, H4, H6, H8, H9, H10, H11, H13

- J1, J4, J5, J6, J7, J8, J11, J12, J24, J25

▷ You can adjust the strength of filters.

▷ You can turn on or off adjustment steps and textures in a filter. Yes, you can edit your own style vintage photo.

▷ Adjustments

- Bright

- Contrast

- Saturation

- Tint

- Gamma

- Hue

▷ 16 various vignetting & 22 textures

- You can adjust the opacity of vignetting and textures.

▷ Season Textures

- Flower: 18 textures

- Bokeh: 10 textures

- Rain: 12 textures

- Snow: 12 textures

▷ Share

- Open in Instagram

- Save to album

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Mail

- Open in other apps

** Special Thanks to the following Instagram friends **

@saaggo provided the reflection photo for the 1st screen shot.

@diaphragm provided the eiffel tower photo for the 3rd screen shot.

@spb_photography provided the autumn photo for the 5th screen shot (3.5inch and 9.7inch).

@wisslaren provided the photo of snow covered tree for the 5th screen shot (4inch).

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